Vera (Caramella Cham) is one of the Caramella Girls.

Appearance Edit

*Current (New 2018 design)

In the new version,Vera has brown hair that is in high pig-tails and brown eyes, and wears a black t-shirt a teeny bit of the stomach exposed a green vest with a dark grey button in it a white skirt with a medium green belt black short underneath her skirt and green boots.

She also has pink eye shadow and a green and black arm braclet on her left arm.

*Formal (Old 2008 design)

In the old version,Vera has brown hair in big pig-tails a short red crop top with dark grey sleeves a straight wavy skirt with a red belt dark gray shorts underneath the skirt long dark gray socks and red sandal-heals.

She is portrayed by Ana Villanueva.

Personality Edit

Vera is confident and does not react to pressure. She is normally calm unless one of her best friends are injured.


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