Caramell was a Swedish musical group, formed by singers Katia Löfgren and Malin Sundström, and producers Jorge "Vasco" Vasconcelo and Juha "Millboy" Myllylä. All except Vasconcelo (who is of Chilean descent) and Myllylä (who is of Finnish descent) come from Sweden. They are best known for their song "Caramelldansen," which means "The Caramell Dance", from Caramell's Supergott album. Caramell was disbanded in 2002; since then, they are on hiatus.

Members (Caramella Girls) Edit

Ex-members Edit

  • Jorge Vasconcelo (1998-2011)
  • Juha Myllylä (1998-2011)
  • Katia Löfgren (1998-2011)
  • Malin Sundström (1998-2011)